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School Observation

School Observations are useful in getting a snapshot of what your child is like within the school setting.

If you are concerned about certain behaviours that your child is, or is not, exhibiting you can request for a school observation. Our professional will observe your child in the class and school environment for a couple of hours. During this time he will note some of the following:

  1. how your child interacts with the teacher and students.
  2. obstacles in the environment that could be working against your child.
  3. behavioural issues and factors that may be contributing to those issues.
  4. whether goals in the I.E.P. are being met.

After the period of observation has ended a meeting is held with teachers and parents to give feedback on the observations made. Recommendations are made on how to help your child have a more fulfilling experience at school.

Before a school observation can be conducted parents need to have the permission of the teacher-in-charge.