We empower parents with knowledge to guide their child to reach their potential

Relationship Development Intervention® (RDI®)

RDI® is a therapy which goes to the heart of autism. Dr Steve Gutstein is the founder of RDI® and established the Connections Center. The program is based on over 20 years of research by experts on typical development as well as scientific studies on individuals with autism. The program is constantly updated based on research and feedback from Dr Gutstein and RDI® Certified Consultants.

Rather than manage the symptoms of the condition, RDI® deals with the core deficits of autism. The program approaches autism and Aspergers from a developmental perspective. Where a child lacks certain developmental milestones, RDI® plugs these gaps in a step by step and gradual process.

The Core Deficits include a lack of episodic memory i.e past, present, future; dynamic communication; dynamic intelligence; difficulties with self awareness; and inflexible thinking. The RDI® program was developed by tracing the history of the condition to the point where autism most likely began. Once we have identified that tipping point, the program concentrates on focusing on the child’s greatest areas of weakness. Lessons are introduced to help the child learn about abilities that allow them to deal with the real, and unpredictable, world.

This is taught to parents as they learn to rethink their daily lifestyle, change their communication style and to restructure routine activities. Through the program parents are guided on how to provide safe but challenging opportunities for their child with autism to develop mental growth and make discoveries. This process is done through a Guided Participation Relationship (GPR), with the parents as the Primary Guides to their child.

Our RDI® Program Certified Consultant works with you and your child using a series of objectives so that parents can become fully competent in applying the principles of Guided Participation.

Through RDI® Children with Autism Show

  • Improvement in Perspective Taking
  • Development in Flexible Thinking in relation to the social world
  • Increased Desire to Interact with others
  • Dramatic improvement in Meaningful Communication
  • An Increased Sense of Competency

RDI® goes beyond a therapist giving the child therapy or treatment. Over time the Consultant gradually transfers their abilities to parents so that they are empowered with information and strategies to manage their child’s autism.