We empower parents with knowledge to guide their child to reach their potential

REACh & Parents

We believe that parents play the most important role in the growth and development of their child. When we see parents, even if it is just for a one-time consultation, the advice given is in line with our philosophy of working hand-in-hand with families to enhance their child's development.

Generally when we see parents for the first time they are either;

  1. Unsure of what to do next for their child because they recently found out about their child's diagnosis and do not have much knowledge about autism; or
  2. They have a lot of information, which can be overwhelming, and may have their child in a few therapies. They are in a constant state of flux and willing to try anything that they think could help their child; or they
  3. Have tried a few different therapies which may have helped give their child certain skills but there is still something missing.

When parents come to REACh they are at different stages of their journey with their child. We take the time to find out where you have been, what your child is doing and then give you advice on what steps you can take next. These steps can be with other service providers and may not always be with REACh.

Empowering parents with knowledge is a cornerstone of our work. By giving you the necessary information you are able to make informed decisions about your child to aid their development.

Testimonial from parents

We've only started on the programme, but slowing down and being taught experience sharing taught me how to reach out to my son lovingly. He smiles so much more now... which is priceless!

- Celeste's son is currently on the RDI Program

My family and I relocated to Singapore in order to continue our RDI journey under the tutelage of Bimal. As a direct result our son has improved in every conceivable way. Working alongside Bimal has been an education in itself. We now feel more empowered and confident as parents to employ the principles of RDI and thus improve the quality of life of our little boy. Thanks to Bimal's tremendous commitment and expertise we now truly believe we are beginning to see our son's true potential. Our son is happier, calmer, more regulated, more willing to share emotion with us, has more functional language skills and is more likely to impart his thoughts and feelings with us. He is so much more part of the family now, and we owe a debt of gratitude to Bimal for his integral role in all of that being possible.

- Damon's son is currently on the RDI Program

Being medical professionals, my husband and I are only too aware of the limitations of medical science. What we read up on autism therapy was not encouraging. We are also very aware of the danger of losing the plot in the pursuit of treatments. Therefore we tried to keep in mind that Kenneth should be as happy and natural as possible, that he should not be overloaded with a barrage of treatments, and that he should develop in his own time. In fast- paced, achievement- oriented, cookie-cutter Singapore, the last goal is much harder than you think.

It's been about 9 months now, and boy, what a time we are having. At its most basic, the RDI Program forces us to spend time together. And mind you, it's time spent interacting, not working. Reviewing the videos made me so much more aware of the subtle undercurrents going on in my interaction with him. I have a new understanding of him and vice versa. His level of trust in me has gone up. And Kenneth? He's still a happy little boy. But he's added more dimensions to his personality: learning to speak in sentences, showing a caring side, being able to relate events that happened earlier. Recently, he discovered the Mandarin words he's been learning have an English equivalent and he excitedly showed me his new knowledge. I do not know which I am happier with–his academic knowledge or his wanting to share with me. Of course he's still a work in progress, just like all of us.

- Hui Boon's son is currently on the RDI Program