We empower parents with knowledge to guide their child to reach their potential

About REACh

REACh was established for two reasons.

1. To equip our children with the skills for a better experience in their day to day life.

We take the time to get to know your child. After understanding his/her strengths and weaknesses, we plan the best approach to take. This plan aims to fill the gaps caused by autism.

With proper intervention your child can progress and have a better quality of life within society....and you and your family can share some wonderful times together with your child.

2. To help parents build a relationship with their child.

We do this by guiding you to learn how to relate to your child; share emotions; and use experience-sharing language to build a closer and trusting relationship with your child. This is how your child will learn to forge closer emotional ties with the family. By helping your child to function better within the family unit this can eventually be translated to the wider community.

Bringing intervention into the home gives us a clearer picture of the environment and this has benefitted the child and family. It has also enriched our ability to adapt therapies to different home environments.

Bimal Rai is the professional who works with our families. He is a qualified and trained Educational Psychologist and RDI® Program Certified Consultant.

It is always heartening to see both parents and child share a genuine moment together without depending on rewards or treats.

- Bimal