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About Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorders arise from a specific neurologically based information processing difficulty. People on the spectrum have a hard time in terms of their ability to manage dynamic information.

Recent research has shown that in people with autism, some parts of the brain are significantly under-connected while other parts are over-connected (Source: Just, Cherkassky, Keller, Minshew, 2004). Therefore their brain does not function in an incorporated manner. This inability in terms of “proper connectivity” leads to the emergence of strengths and deficits that we typically see in these individuals. This impairs their ability to respond in a flexible and dynamic way to changes in the social world.

The spectrum of autism is wide. Not all children with autism have the same behaviour but the underlying deficits are the same. Some children display the common deficits clearly whilst in others they are not so obvious.

Here at REACh we believe that regardless of the deficits, children with autism can attain a quality of life that is meaningful to them and their families. This is in part motivated by our conviction that every child has the potential to grow. Our approach is primarily based on dealing with the core issues that are creating obstacles to the child and family. Therefore we focus on the core deficits and not the symptoms of autism.